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Box Specifications

Blank length(L)

≥200mm  ≤520mm

Blank width(B)

≥200mm  ≤500mm

Height of side flaps+lid(H)

≥45mm  ≤250mm

Bottom width([)

≥60mm  ≤170mm

Bottom length(D)

≥60mm  ≤220mm

Lid length(H1)

≥50mm  ≤270mm


Dayuan lunch box forming machine is designed according to European industrial standard. Initially developed in China, the products have achieved the CE certification and have been sold to many countries in the world. With high quanlity and efficiency, it is an ideal choice for you to produce single PE coated, or double PE coated paper lunch box. We adopt ceramic hot air to sealing the box corner on this kind of machine.

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